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Individual UAS inspection

EuroUSC-Benelux can carry out an individual UAS assessment for you in accordance with the AS-RPAS standard of the Dutch Aviation Authority ILenT.

This assessment can be used to validate your UAS for your application in achieving an operational authorisation or declaration. Additionally, this can also be used for external expertise or for transfers of ownership.


Operator Audits

UAS operators that apply for, submit or renew their operational authorisation, can use accreditations from EuroUSC-Benelux to prepare their UAS operations for possible audits by the aviation authorities. After all, prevent your UAS operations from being stopped and show your professionalism with our accreditations .

UAS Maintenance

Every UAS operator is required to service their drone from time to time. External parties can do this on behalf of the manufacturer on behalf of the owner or operator. EuroUSC-Benelux provides with its DronePass maintenance standard a solution for quality assurance between you and your external maintenance party, but also for transparency  with the aviation authority. This way, you can be sure to keep your operational authorisation, declaration or LUC.

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Manufacturer assessments

Despite the strong properties of your UAS, you need the right information and quality for your operational authorisation or declaration from SAIL I to SAIL VI.

With its DPS standard, EuroUSC-Benelux provides an answer to the requirements for anyone involved in the application for an operational authorisation or for a "Design Verification" by EASA.

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