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Acceptance approvals of UAS (drones)

Download here the procedure in PDF .

Download the AS-RPAS standard used here.

For such  inspections for Belgium, you can follow the procedure  download here.

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An RPAS used in a professional environment must be approved. For this, EuroUSC-Benelux BV uses the AS-RPAS standard of the Human Environment & Transport Inspectorate (ILT). It prescribes that each aircraft must be inspected separately to obtain an S-BvL, Special Certificate of Airworthiness, and BvI, Certificate of Registration.


Before  an inspection can take place, the Proof of Registration  are available. You can request this form at  the ILT, aviation register service , for the Netherlands or at the BCAA for Belgium .  


Request registration number
(PH-xxx) at ILT

System documentation


Ground Inspection


flight test

certificate for application

The RPAS inspection process consists of three parts;

  1. an inspection of the requested documentation about the appliance and its use. This may be part of the operational manual. It must be possible to present a valid insurance policy with a certificate in accordance with EU785/2004 at this stage.

  2. a ground inspection of the device

  3. a flight test

Estimated time to allocate for an inspection at EuroUSC-Benelux BV:

  1. Part 1: max. 3 weeks if the device is not known to EuroUSC-Benelux BV.

  2. Part 2: max. 3h

  3. Part 3: max. 3h

After a successful inspection, the RPAS is fully registered with a PH number in the Dutch national aircraft register. The delivery of a registration number and an S-BvL is subject to a certain cost from the ILT.

It is best to contact us for an inspection  with EuroUSC-Benelux BV via the following email address: .

Closed systems

A system must be presented openly to the inspector of EuroUSC-Benelux BV. In other words, each part must be clearly shown for checking.

If this is not the case, the producer can draw up a “manufacturer statement”. More information about this you can  request via .

To date, this approach has not caused any problems.

Required Documentation


EuroUSC-Benelux BV first checks all documentation  before a ground inspection or flight test can take place. We therefore expect a handbook from the RPA with all important information. If you do not have this, you can request a model with all the minimum inspection requirements.

Form COM50

The former COM50 form on which the owner or user of the RPAS had to make the necessary additions has been replaced by AirSure,  a secure platform for inspectors and owners/users of RPAS.


Thanks to this digital solution, inspection work is considerably simpler, more transparent and faster. A secure platform with a personal login is sufficient to enter the necessary data via the user-friendly web interface.

Insurance Certificate

RPAS insurance in accordance with European legislation EU785/2004 is required. An inspection cannot take place without valid insurance. The insurance certificate must also be sent to

Certificate of competence

The pilot who will operate the RPAS during the flight test must have a valid RPA-L and medical license.

Proof of registration

The RPAS must have a Proof of Registration (BvI)  available before the flight test can be started. The rating of  In other words, the documentation and the soil inspection can already take place before the Bvl  has been delivered. There may be additional costs associated with this.

Inspection location

Ground Inspection

The soil inspections are preferably carried out at the producer or distributor. If this is not possible, then your  business location or a location designated by EuroUSC-Benelux BV among the other options.

flight test

The inspection can take place at a location designated by EuroUSC-Benelux BV or a location proposed by you and approved by EuroUSC-Benelux BV.

Locations designated by us are Volendam and all test areas in the Netherlands, subject to permission.

For Belgium that is  Droneport Sint-Truiden . Of course it suits you  free to make any other combination. After all, inspections may take place within the European Union.

In any case, EuroUSC-Benelux BV will do the necessary administration for the flight. The owner or user should therefore not request a NOTAM unless otherwise stated.



The inspections always take place on a  Mon-  and / or Tuesday after mutual agreement.

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