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For its training and examinations, EuroUSC-Benelux BV collaborates with recognized schools in Belgium and the Netherlands. Although their courses are mainly focused on their own procedures, they still show a number of adjustments to comply with national legislation. They follow a fixed quality standard.

In addition, they guarantee that as a candidate pilot you can fly in your own country and can count on further support anywhere in the world. It also allows you to switch between countries easily.

Taking exams is in the hands of EuroUSC-Benelux BV itself. By hiring its own employees, it guarantees the independence of the exams and there is permanent quality control. However, it is not responsible for the commercial development of the individual recognized schools.


Plaats: Mol, België


Who says Drone College, says Tom Verstappen. As chief Flight Training instructor and recognized instructor and examiner at the DGLV – PPL, he guarantees professional guidance.


His passion has become his job. What's more, the “Drone College” training center was born from this flying bug.


No lack of experience. Especially during the summer months, flying activity flourishes with drones of all sizes and for all kinds of purposes. Getting behind the wheel yourself is part of it!


Drone college is not only a place where you as a candidate pilot acquire the necessary knowledge. It is an institute where, thanks to this passionate teacher, you will certainly inherit his enthusiasm and have the opportunity to enjoy flying in a responsible manner.


Last but not least, as an SME, do not forget to check the conditions for the SME portfolio.


Location: Montpellier, Frankrijk


Since its launch in early 2022, the platform has quickly established itself as a benchmark in the field of online drone exam preparation, collaborating with a very large number of French-speaking training centers.


This recognition is the result of offering revision content at competitive prices, together with a solution for taking the STS exam under optimal conditions, an important competitive advantage in the French market.

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