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EuroUSC-Benelux supports Elia Group for inspecting power lines with UAS in long distance flights

A drone helicopter has been used for the first time for long-range inspections of power lines near Trois-Ponts. These BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) drones may ultimately replace inspections using helicopters.

This not only reduces the associated risks, but also reduces our ecological footprint while increasing the efficiency of these nece

ssary inspections. The many changes being brought about by the energy transition are prompting Elia Group to develop innovative solutions and techniques – be it in terms of system operation, grid development, infrastructure or maintenance.

For EuroUSC-Benelux, the challenge of facilitating this operation in the densely populated Belgian and Belgian airspace with a UAS weighing more than 80kg was very demanding. Through collaboration between Swissdrones, Elia, Vansteelandt and Skeydrone, a solution was finally found that allowed an operational authorisation to be obtained.


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